Just drop into your modules folder or use the box-cli to install

box install cbi18n

This module registers the following models in WireBox:

  • i18n@cbi18n : Helper with all kinds of methods for localization

  • resourceService@cbi18n : Service to interact with language resource bundles


You can add a i18n structure of settings to your ColdBox.cfc or to any other module configuration file: ModuleConfig.cfc to configure the module:

i18n = {
// The base path of the default resource bundle to load
defaultResourceBundle = "includes/i18n/main",
// The default locale of the application
defaultLocale = "en_US",
// The storage to use for user's locale: session, client, cookie, request
localeStorage = "cookie",
// The value to show when a translation is not found
unknownTranslation = "**NOT FOUND**",
// Extra resource bundles to load
resourceBundles = {
alias = "path"

Each module in your ColdBox Application can have its own resource bundles that can be loaded by this module.

Resource bundles are .properties files that contain your translations.

Mixin Helpers

The module registers the following methods for handlers/layouts/views/interceptors:

* Get the user's currently set locale or default locale according to settings
function getFWLocale()
* Set the locale for a specific user
* @locale The locale to set. Must be Java Style Standard: en_US, if empty it will default to the default locale
* @dontLoadRBFlag Flag to load the resource bundle for the specified locale (If not already loaded)
* @return i18n Service
function setFWLocale( string locale="", boolean dontloadRBFlag=false )
* Retrieve a resource from a resource bundle with replacements or auto-loading
* @resource The resource (key) to retrieve from the main loaded bundle.
* @defaultValue A default value to send back if the resource (key) not found
* @locale Pass in which locale to take the resource from. By default it uses the user's current set locale
* @values An array, struct or simple string of value replacements to use on the resource string
* @bundle The bundle alias to use to get the resource from when using multiple resource bundles. By default the bundle name used is 'default'
function getResource(
required resource,
// Alias to getResource
function $r()