Release History

A synopsis of the major version history of the project.

In this section you will find the release notes for each version we release under this major version. If you are looking for the release notes of previous major versions use the version switcher at the top left of this documentation book. Here is a breakdown of our major version releases.

Version 3.0

Dropped support for Adobe 2016, migration to new modules template, and integrations with ColdBox 7 features.

Version 2.0

The module has been rewritten in CFScript.

cbi18n v1 already had java resource bundles. v2 added support for JSON resource bundles. Both flat and nested JSON bundles are supported.

In this version we introduced the concept of property inheritance. It means that key-values pairs included in less specific files are inherited by those which are higher in the inheritance tree. For example: Let's assume you are using a en_US locale. if you have key-values in a generic file, you can override them in a and an even more specific file. This opens up the possibility to define a generic language resource and define country specific translations in a more specific resource file.

For locale storage we now use a service from the cbstorages module.

Version 1.0

A ( very old ) initial release.

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