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Leverage CommandBox to install into your ColdBox application:
# Latest version
install cbi18n
# Bleeding Edge
install cbi18n@be
This module registers the following models in WireBox:
  • i18n@cbi18n : Helper with all kinds of methods for localization
  • resourceService@cbi18n : Service to interact with language resource bundles

Mixins Helper methods

This module will register the following methods in your handlers/interceptors/layouts/views
  • getFWLocale() gets the users currently set locale (or default locale)
  • setFWLocale() set the locale for a specific user
  • getResource() retrieve a resource from a resource bundle with replacements
  • $r() shortcut/alias to getResource()
  • i18n() gets the i18n Model
  • resourceService() gets the Resource Service

System requirements

  • Lucee 5+
  • Adobe ColdFusion 2016+